Hospital Supplies
Microchip Based Electric Blankets

A soft underlay as above that regulates the energy to a fixed point of heat. Perfectly useful for infants and, patients insensitive to heat. The power consumption in this case is less than 1% of the energy consumed for the usage of a heater or a heat convector. Available in three models as mentioned in above case.

Patient Warming System

A useful hospital equipment of full size. A patient warming system with four independent limb segments to warm the desired portions. The Velcro attachments help in keeping the segments fixed to the desired level. This is ailable in normal fleece cloth or plastic waterproof sheeting. Both the equipment are waterproof and shockproof. It has a microprocessor based energy regulating system that warms the patient to the desired level adjusted at the power supply system, and regulates the temperature by +/- 0.1 degree Celsius. All the four individual limbs warming segments have individual illuminating indicators & switched. This way it is most convenient for the doctor and the patient, particularly at higher altitudes where temperature is very low and hypothermia is a problem pre, peri or post operative.

Patient Warming System For Ambulance

This works on 12 V and also on 220 V power adapter. Ready to keep the patient from trauma site to hospital in warm surroundings convenient to the patient.